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Trump’s New Armored Limo Beast

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The president of the United States has a new luxury car and it has been nicknamed ‘the beast’. To buy a limo itself is unthinkable for many, but to name them is a wholly different story altogether. At the General Assembly of the United Nations the President’s Beast was quite the traffic stopper.

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The Beast’s credentials

This is an armored car for obvious reasons and it has been impervious to any kind of attack. This is the latest presidential limos to make an appearance among the range of other equally famous cars of former presidents. President Obama too had his car nicknamed. It was called ‘Stagecoach’.

There is not much that is known about the present President’s Beast and for understandable reasons. But the one thing that is known is that is very much impressive. If you are someone who has ever tried to buy a limo you must know that they are not exactly what most may call affordable.

The Beast is efficiently guarded, to keep the president safe at all times. The armored panels are 8 inch thick. The glasses are five inch thick. They are bullet and explosion proof. So bombing the car will not work. The tyres too are not easily punctured, so doesn’t matter how tricky the situation is, the president will get away.

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Many people who buy a limo go for these safety features these days. The Beast however is exceptional. There are equipments for emergencies within the car to save the president in any and every situation. Oxygen tanks, defibrillators, even Trump’s blood type, are stocked within the vehicle, just in case they need them.

The Beast also has a plane of its own, so that wherever the president goes it can follow. Often the president goes on international trips, and the Beast is always there to safe guard him from any threat.

It has a Cadillac badge and has been created by General Motors. As impressive as it is, the efficiency level makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to buy a limo. Its features are not shared by any other car and it is absolutely unique. It has parts that have nothing in common with other vehicles that are sold publicly. The power of the Beast comes from a huge diesel engine.

The diesel engine is useful for many reasons and not just for hauling heavy loads. It has a flash point that is much higher than petrol.  The Beast has a seating arrangement of 2+3+2 which means that the middle row is rare facing. There is a Presidential seal on the third row. So if you are looking to buy a limo you must go for a diesel powered vehicle for the exact reason. It is one of the many limos in history that has chauffeured important government officials, but it does not make it any less unique or impressive. As far as it is concerned the Beast has no match that is there in the market yet.


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